After six years of photographing her neighbours, Christina published this photography book (in Norwegian). It contains 20 portraits and 20 short stories, as well as illustrations by Cecilie Maurud Barstad of Gilles & Cecilie Studio, while graphic designer Sandra Domeij has done the design. The book was self-published, by choice, on Ada & Lucy Mini Press - named after Christina's two daughters.

The project received funding from Kulturrådet, Kulturetaten, Fritt Ord, Norske Fagfotografers Fond and Norsk faglitterære forfatter- og oversetterforening (NFF). Thank you!

Want to look at the images? You'll find the photo-series here!



Skreiberg meets both her own and our preconceptions towards a multicultural Norway with freshness and openness, which creates room for increased interpersonal understanding. As a journalistic project, it must be the best quality-stamp in itself.
— Jury Statement, Freelancer of the Year Award 2016, awarded by the Norwegian Union of Journalists

Tøyen-illustrations from the book can also be purchased at Illustrations by Cecilie Maurud Barstad.  Want a copy of the book? Buy it at!