Over a period of six years (2010 - 2016) Christina knocked on her neighbour's doors and invited herself into their flats.

Knocking on a 100 doors resulted in the project "Hei nabo!" (Hello neighbour!): 20 portraits, 20 stories, presented in a book & exhibition.

While living at Tøyen, a multicultural area of Oslo, Christina realized that she had the whole world just outside her doorstep, that she and her neighbours all lived in identical flats, shared the same roof and communal areas, but knew nothing about each other.

The long-term documentary project was exhibited at the Oslo City Hall during May 2016. The exhibition was opened by the Mayor of Oslo, Marianne Borgen. 300 came to the opening, and 3000 people visited the exhibition during the following weeks. The exhibition has traveled on to K1 at Tøyen and also to the library at Tøyen, which is the neighbourhood where the pictures were taken.

Christina was awarded the prize ÅRETS FRILANSER 2016 (Freelancer of the Year) for this project, and the project received massive media attention - Christina was on national TV two times, on national radio four times, and appeared in several national newspapers.

This project warms my heart, I am genuinely touched. To me there is sincere warmth, dedication, compassion and, above all, respect for others in these great pictures and stories.”
— Marianne Borgen, Mayor of Oslo, in her speech when launching the book and opening the exhibition in 2016
Photos: Monica Strømdahl

Photos: Monica Strømdahl

Opening ceremony at the Oslo City Hall, May 2016

Opening ceremony at the Oslo City Hall, May 2016

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