Photo: Marte Vike Arnesen

Photo: Marte Vike Arnesen

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Phone: +47 986 19 633


Skreiberg’s project (Hei nabo!) serves as inspiration for anyone who is concerned with journalism that matters.
— Jury Statement, Freelancer of the Year Award 2016, awarded by the Norwegian Union of Journalists

Christina Skreiberg (38) is a freelance feature journalist and photographer, contributing to the weekend supplements of Norwegian newspapers, and to national & international magazines. She mainly covers social and cultural issues, art and culture.

In 2016 Christina was awarded the Norwegian prize Årets Frilanser 2016 (Freelancer of the Year) for her documentary photography project Hei nabo! (Hello neighbour!). The project resulted in a book and solo-exhibition.

Up until summer 2013, she was the commissioning editor of Aftenposten Junior, Norway's first newspaper for kids. She has developed and created the newspaper-concept along with the editor. The paper has won media prizes nationally and internationally, among them International Newspaper of the Year 2017.

To excel as a photographer Christina has attended several workshops, with the likes of VII-members Ed Kashi, Ron Haviv and Ashley Gilbertson.

Christina has a journalism degree from City University of London. During her four years in London she worked part-time for The Times and launched the East London magazine "ditched". The magazine had a distribution of 15,000 copies. She was nominated for The Guardian Student Media Award for her work as editor and publisher.

Christina has lived in Pittsburgh (1998-99), Guatemala (2001), London (2001 -2006) and Copenhagen (2007). Christina resides in her hometown Oslo, is married to Espen and is the mother of two young girls, Lucy and Ada ♥